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My 94 year old mother grew up in East Texas, 90 miles from Shreveport. My Granny cooked so many Field Peas, Crowder Peas and Lady Cream Peas when I visited her during the summer, I never forgot the taste. Peas with homemade hotwater cornbread, sliced tomatoes and cold refrigerator cucumbers . Having moved to West Texas, I completely lost the peas!. How wonderful to find that someone close to my mother’s old home still has these old memories we can hold in a bag. I, of course, have order every kind and cooked my first batch this weekend! My Mother was so excited. We served field peas with hotwater cornbread, sliced tomatoes, refrigerator cucumbers and pork ribs. Mom says it made her feel like she was back on the old Carlisle farm again. What a great treat. Now, I’m teaching my husband what he missed growing up as a kid! San Saba, Texas folks don’t know anything about Cream Peas! Thank you. Now that I’ve found you, we will be including your peas in many of our meals. P.S. You began in 1923; my Mom was born in 1928!