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Mardi Gras Cups

 Mardi Gras Cups Stacked

A Throw For Those In The Know

While out-of-towns visitors to New Orleans carnival may be heard to call out “Beads!” as parade floats pass by, many New Orleanians are likely to be calling “Cups! Cups! Cups!”

Giacona – The Family Behind Mardi Gras Cups

Flashy throws and shiny beads may delight, but Mardi Gras cups have been a favorite since the family run Giacona Container Company began creating them for krewes in the 1980s. Corrado Giacona is widely known as the creator of the Mardi Gras Cup, changing the way parade-goers enjoy carnival during the season and beyond.  Current C.O.O. Gina Giacona is proud of her family’s part in the traditions of Mardi Gras. “My father created the Mardi Gras cup, and the beginning of each year is very busy with preparations for the upcoming parade season,” she said.

2 Rows of Mardi Gras Cups

A Cache In Every Kitchen

Customized to match various krewe colors, motifs, and even portraits, the cups have become as colorful a part of the parade experience as any string of bead or plush throw.  Even better, the cup can be enjoyed way beyond the carnival season. “The great thing about the cup is you don’t stick it in your attic with the other throws,” Gina Giacona said. “You use it all year long. It’s a reusable item.” After nine years working in the family business, Giacona has seen many designs from elaborate to pleasantly simple, but all are a joy to produce.  “I don’t have any favorites, because, of course, we have them at every family and friends occasions, as well as some fun designs we do for restaurant chains and favorite local and national restaurants.  It’s a fun exciting, creative business to be in.  We are always proud of our final product.”

As the Mardi Gras go-cup continues to thrive in popularity, its design and practical use may prompt even more visitors to Carnival to change their tune from “Beads!” to “Cups!”

How do you use your Mardi Gras cups?

Mardi Gras Cups Bloody Mary

How do you use your Mardi Gras cups? Tell us – we want to know!

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