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8 Delicious Easter Sides

Spring is in the air, and Easter is right around the corner! We love this time of year when families and friends gather around the table to enjoy comforting, delicious food. When planning your holiday menu, side dishes are just as important as the main course. Beans, in particular, make for the perfect Easter sides – they’re flavorful, filling, and full of tradition.  They have long been part of holiday meals, bringing comfort through their hearty texture and ability to absorb any surrounding flavors. To help make your Easter feast extra special, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite bean-based holiday side dish recipes.

Buttermilk Cornbread in Cast Iron Skillet

Buttermilk Cornbread in Cast Iron Skillet with a side of red beans

Bake some cornbread with a twist! This Buttermilk Cornbread is beyond good served warm from a cast iron skillet. Brown the butter first for a fantastic flavor.

Potato Salad with Chickpea Aquafaba Mayo

Potato Salad with Chickpea Aquafaba Mayo

A lighter potato salad with chickpea aquafaba mayo, mustard, herbs, and veggies for a flavorful plant-based side.

Gluten-Free Cajun Dirty Rice

Close up of dirty rice inside of a bowl

Give your holiday menu a cajun kick with Cajun Dirty Rice made with our handy Dirty Rice Cajun Seasoning Mix, ground beef, and veggies.

Cauliflower Lima Bean Au Gratin

a plate with cauliflower lima bean au gratin with

Or, for a lighter option, whip up a cheesy Cauliflower Lima Bean Au Gratin with fresh cauliflower, lima beans, creamy cheese sauce, and crispy breadcrumbs on top.

Southern Summer Succotash

a cast iron pot full of southern summer succotash

No southern meal is complete without succotash. This Southern Summer Succotash features fresh veggies like corn, okra, peppers, onion sautéed in bacon drippings, and lima beans.

Lady Pea Salad


Salads are always a hit at potlucks. Lady Pea Salad combines lady cream peas, fresh herbs, lettuce, and a bright vinaigrette for a simple yet satisfying salad.

Zippy Lentil Salad

3 bowls Zippy Lentil Salad on a table

For heartier flavor, try Zippy Lentil Salad with collard greens, chopped veggies, olives, and a lemon-herb dressing over lentils.

Chocolate Zucchini Bread with Black Bean Aquafaba

 Black Bean Aquafaba Zucchini Bread

A perfectly moist chocolate zucchini bread made with whipped black bean aquafaba for a fluffy texture and fudgy crumb.